Personalizing Your Home

Posted on August 21, 2013 at 9:05 AM

     Whether you rent or own your home, it is where you raise your family, enjoy your retirement, or invite your friends and family members over to socialize. When you add your personality to your home, it becomes more than four walls—it is a place where memories are made.

     Over the years, we’ve seen many tenants who have done wonderful jobs of personalizing their homes, while staying within our renting guidelines.

• Gardening: This is a common and easy way to add a spark of color and individuality. Flowers or vegetable gardens brighten any place and can be added along the side, back, or front of your home. We’ve seen gardens with signs, pots, yard art, rocks, borders, and flags. Discuss your plans with the manager to be sure they meet our guidelines and won’t interfere with our lawn mowing services.

• Exterior Improvements: Many of our homes have decks, which are great places for lawn chairs and barbeques. When one tenant asked if he could have a deck and ramp added to his home, we replied, “If you pay for the materials, we’ll build it.” We worked out the details, and he and his wife are delighted with the results.

• Interior Improvements: We have helped numerous tenants personalize their homes by adding or upgrading plumbing fixtures, storm doors, windows, dishwashers, carpet, deadbolts, handicap equipment, heating and air conditioning, fans and lights, digital thermostats, hardware, and more. The general rule of thumb is this: if you buy it, we’ll install it for free. Check with the office before making any purchases to discuss specifics.

     Maplewood is your home, and we want to help you enjoy it.

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